Type Specimen Poster:
The Work:
Sabon Posters

Design a series of three typographic specimen broadsides using every letter and number within assigned typeface. One poster incorporating research paper on assigned typeface and designer, two to three paragraph overview about the typeface and designer, ie; year born, year designed, a bit about the designers life.

 • Three posters designs 11” x 17” using every letter and number of Sabon typeface.
 • Black & White, grayscale with one optional color
 • One based on the typeface
 • One based on an art movement
 • One open design
 • Typeface name
 • Designer name
 • Use of grid and hierarchy
 • Art movement name and dates
 • The entire alphabet needs to be legible.
 • Use three type styles, italic, roman, & bold
 • Use capital & lowercase, numbers & glyphs
 • Each poster design showing the same typeface having different feeling
 • No use any additional discernible imagery like photos, icons, logos, ect.

Final Design Deliverables:
Digital PDF file
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