Designer - 2 page Spread:
The Work:
2-Page Spread (Designer Inspired)

Design 2 page spread based on research paper of assigned designer for copy.
Consideration of informational hierarchy and imagery relevance with captions. Mindful use of
the grid structure, and ability to expand the single spread over a multi-page document. 
Typography is one of the most important aspects of the project. Mindful of the type size for printing and font selection for subject(s).

 • Full color spreads
 • Font (open choice)
 • Grid (open choice)
 • Folio (page number)
 • Headline & Author
 • Style Continuity, type and imagery
 • 3 or more samples of work
 • The designers biography research paper
 with name, and date of birth

Final Design Deliverables:
 • 2 page Spread, facing pages - 10”h x 7”w
 • Printable as an accordion fold book or
 form of bound book.
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