Designer Catalogue - Book:
The Work:
Designer Book Spread Development

Using the “Designer Layout” from the Designer 2-page spread project, gathering all classmates text and related information to create a catalogue book. Using the grid and type style from original spread. Development of a more efficient design to incorporate unexpected variables each spread might present. Assembly of all information; text and images, to create a thumbnail road map to work out pacing of the entire book. Consideration of overall length, look and feel of catalogue.

 • Full color spreads
 • Font (open choice)
 • Grid (open choice)
 • Page flow
 • Book covers (front and back)
 • Title page
 • Table of contents
 • Folios (page numbers)
 • Use of grid from Designer 2-page spread   project
 • Style Continuity, type and imagery
 • Use of color (designer specific)
 • Credit page
 • Headline & Author (font/style - designer   specific )
 • 3 or more samples of work
 • The designers biography research paper
 with name, and date of birth

Final Design Deliverables:
 • Digital PDF and printable book - 10”h x 7”w
 • Catalogue to be presented as an accordion   fold book or form of bound book in color
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