The Work:
Typographic Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy arrangement of elements in a predetermined and graduated sequence of importance. Experiment with visual hierarchy by changing typographic variables in a composition. Using upper- and lowercase, with copy provided below.

 • 5 concepts using the provided text. Use only the same type size for all content.
 • 5 concepts using varied point sizes and or weights.
 • 5 concepts using varied point, weights sizes and typefaces.
 • Content: 
Private View
You are invited to Typescapes
Typography in Spatial Environments
Saturday October 24 2020
Montserrat College of Art
301 Gallery, Beverly, MA 01915
Gallery Presentations:
Emil Ruder, Wolfgang Weingart, Armin Hofmann,
Josef Muller-Brockmann, Helmut Schmid

Final Design Deliverable:
Printed, each on 6.25” x9.5”
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