Icon Book:
The Work:
Icon Development and Book Layout

5 objects, actions within the Transportation category. Through a progression of sketches, simplification of the images to purest form. Conceptualize and reduce the visual information - translate an action into an abstract visual form. Use of as few lines and details possible. Scanned sketches and refined in illustrator. Use of the strongest sketch/solution to create a final black and white graphic for each visual. Consideration of the elements scale in graphic and how they will be transformed when scaled.

Part One:
 • All 5 marks visually consistent, creating a visual family of images.
 • Consideration of how / where the graphic marks use and audience.
 • Consider of scale change use on billboard or banner, weight and balance 
 • All sketches and work systematically for the final book presentation.
 • 1 - 8.5”x11” page with all icons

Part Two:
 • Covers (front and back)
 • Introduction
 • 1 - page for each icon at 4” in diameter with a 25% reduced icon.
 • Preliminary sketches - show progression to completed mark.

Final presentation:
 • 5 icons/graphic marks, centered (4 inches) and reduced to (1 inch) in top left, reduced to fit on 8.5in H x 11in W page.
 • Book 4.25in H x 5.5in W to be presented as an accordion fold book or form of bound, black and white
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