Letterforms Studies:
The Work:
 • Understanding structural/sculptural character of the type/font’s positive and negative space balance.
 • Experiment with tracing paper and cut-up laser prints.
 • Keep the relationship between the white and black areas equal, 50/50 black to white.
 • Save the strongest solutions and develop them into final art. Keeping all preliminary sketches and prints for review.

Component A:
 • 3 panels, 8 x 8” each.
 • Consisting of three independent freestanding
 • Letterforms/ Marks
 • Capital letter from a bold serif font.
 • Q - Baskerville
 • Use the visual physical elements of the letterform: weight, center of gravity, thick and thins, curves and eccentric turns to create 3 freestanding graphic marks
 • Do this by experimenting with the letterform. Deconstruct   and reconstruct into a new graphic image.
Component B:
3 panels, 8 x 8” each.
 • Using elements of your Letterform/ Mark, create three   compositions that rely on the shape and edge of the page.

Final Design Deliverable:
 • Place each freestanding letterform design (approx. 4”) in   the center of an 8 x 8” panel. Include a 1 inch version of   the letterform (25%) in the upper left hand corner of the
 • Three compositions based on the letterforms
 at 8 x 8”.
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