Ad Campaign:
The Work:
Campaign (a visual vocabulary)

Design a campaign (1 bus shelter poster, 1 web header graphic, 1 Twitter graphic) without emphasis on a logo or a single photographic image, but with emphasis on suitable imagery – create a visual vocabulary. The purpose is for the prospective audience to “checkout” and watch the Netflix content. The imagery should evoke the energy and the emotional resonance of the subject matter.

All or most of the elements must be primarily executed in Adobe Illustrator and be vector elements. Making use of symbols, shapes, colors, and abstraction to communicate the subject matter of the campaign. A whole literal, illustrative, and/or photographic representation associated with subject matter is not permissible. Use of the organization’s logo, allowed but not the primary focus.

Final Design Deliverables:
 • Bus Shelter Poster – 70 in. H x 48 in. W 
 • Bus Shelter Poster photoshopped in an environment
 • Web Header Graphic. Sizes: 1920px  by 1080px include navigational  elements 
 • Web Header Graphic photoshopped in monitor
 • Twitter Header Graphic. 1500px by 500px. 
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