Typography Letterforms:
The Work:
Typography Hand Drawn Letterforms from Observation

Compose visually interesting posters in which 13 of 26 letters of the Roman alphabet are represented. Mark the named parts of the letterform every letter needs to have a typographic anatomy term markup. Replicate the letterforms in a serif typeface of your choosing from the Montserrat type library. Trace or otherwise mechanical means are prohibited for completion of the project. Craft is as important as is naming every part. Render the letterforms accurately & cleanly.

Format has to be 10"w x 11"h. One character per page using heavy weight paper or cardstock.

• Hand drawn letter forms
• Label typeface(s)
• Label 2 parts of typographic anatomy per page 
• Render letterforms accurately & cleanly

Final Design Deliverables: 
13 characters, 1 per page 10in x 11in on heavy weight paper or cardstock.
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